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What to expect from your wedding planner?

April 28, 2019

A question often asked by many people is whether or not they need a Wedding Planner. The answer is very easy it depends what is your expectations from your big day.

The aim of this blog post is to shed some light on what you should expect from your wedding planner, using our very own example, to help determine whether you need a Wedding Planner too. It is up-to you at what stage you want to include your wedding planner, if you need him/her from venue sourcing it would be great because they will choose venue based on arrangement requirement. Once you are engaged and your wedding date is final the role of wedding planner will start to make your big day really big.

Venue Sourcing - We mostly involve at least 3 months before your wedding and after couple of meeting and discussion get an idea about your requirement, scale and taste. Based on your instruction we will book venue.
Theme Planning - As a wedding planner we work with various creative people e.g. – set designers, décor experts and wedding coordinators, based on venue, we suggest multiple theme to our clients. Based on your selection and modification we will zero down particular theme for you.
Vendor Booking - If you need logistic services, firework arrangements and celebrity performance in your wedding, we as a wedding planner will book everything for you.
On The Day - We will be here on the day in good time for your wedding. He or she will be here to meet you prepare the ceremony room, set up your stage decorations, oversee florists’ set up, co-ordinate the vendor separately, get you to your ceremony on time and operate your entrance music. Apart from personal attention to bride and groom we will look after the breakfast, lunch and dinner arrangements of guest, pick-up and drops of guests, sight seining arrangements (if require) along with all small task assigned by you.

If you want to book my services feel free to contact me anytime on my contact details. Whether you decide on a Wedding Planner or not, good luck with the plans!